Why you should go for it

This was a crazy week.

I flew back to NYC, hosted my first live masterclass Career Clarity Launchpad, and then immediately flew to Europe for a friend's wedding. I'll be traveling until August, so I had a lot of packing to do.

I had every reason NOT to do the masterclass this week.

But I decided to go for it.

To stop overthinking
To stop doubting myself
To take the messy action
To show myself what's possible
To let go and let God fill in the gaps

I had no idea how many people would sign up when I launched it last week.

I set a goal of 100 people — and hit it just before we went live!

The feedback was amazing and it's still pouring in.

I'm super proud of how it went.

But it's not really about the goal.

It's about who I've become in the process of going for it.

This is the power of setting explicit goals, making moves as if they're already happening, and letting faith fill in the rest.

This is the power of getting so clear on your why that you can't NOT take action on it, even when it's scary.

This is the power of shifting your mindset to work through the fear to see possibility.

This is the power of operating like your future self now.

I talked about these concepts in the masterclass because "career clarity" isn't just about choosing your next job title — it's about figuring out who you want to become, what you want life to look like, and determining how work should fit into that.

Then, making moves accordingly so you can create a life you don't need to escape from.

Here's the catch:

The career goals you choose are directly related to what you believe is possible for you.

It's all too easy to limit ourselves with fears and beliefs that keep us stuck. One of my friends texted me after the masterclass:

If you too have forgotten how powerful you are in the 'daily hodge podge of bullshit', allow me remind you:

You are capable of achieving whatever you commit to.

It may take longer than you think and the results won't always look exactly like what you pictured (often, they're even better). But when you realize anything is possible, you make moves accordingly. You take action before you feel ready because you know that waiting for 'ready' means you're already late.

Most people don't encourage this thinking because they want you to avoid disappointment. By encouraging you to take the cautious path, it helps them justify why they don't take any risks either.

There's nothing wrong with that if you're okay staying in your lane for the rest of your life.

Personally, I'm not — and I know you aren't either. So I'll leave you with this:

  1. Choose who you want to become. Decide to show up as that person today.
  2. Do the things you're scared to do. Make the choice, ship the thing, get the coach. Decide to take action before you are ready.
  3. Remember when you've accomplished difficult things before. Identify your superpowers. Tap into that energy as often as possible.
  4. Don't wait to celebrate yourself until you hit the goal. Celebrate who you become in the process. And be grateful for what you have now while reaching for what's next.

I believe in you 1000%.

If you're looking for clarity on a more purposeful path and direction on what's next in your life so you too can take massive action on building the career and life of your dreams... this masterclass is 1000% for you. The replay is only available until Sunday since there's a special time-sensitive opportuity inside 👀. Grab it here if you haven't already.

Happy Friday!!

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Your future self is calling...

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