Feeling stuck? Ready for something more?

Who's driving your career?

Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

If you’re not driving your career, someone else is.

Maybe you’re progressing in a career path you no longer enjoy… and it only gets harder to leave the more money you make.

Maybe you’re the best team player who everyone raves about… but you’re left feeling taken advantage of on the regular.

Maybe you’ve been coasting lately. Work is a drag but you’ll ignore it for now…. maybe it’ll get better.

These situations may be fine for a little while.

But at some point you realize…

This car(eer) isn’t taking me where I want to go.

And if it’s not fueling my life, it’s holding me back from my potential.

Turns out as low as 22% of professionals are satisfied with their job in 2024. American happiness with their personal lives is at a 10-year low as well. I have to imagine they’re heavily related.

Don’t let yourself stay part of these statistics.

If you don’t like the direction the car is going, grab the wheel and turn it around.

If you aren’t sure where to go, lay off the gas.

If you just keep driving, you’ll run out of fuel far from where you want to be.

Good news though — you can ask for help.

Pull over to the side, find someone who’s been this way before.

Get some direction on where to go next.

Most people don’t stay in the same job for 40 years anymore. Many have made pivots or adjustments when they decide to start prioritizing themselves over what everyone else wants for them. They begin to define success on their terms.

There are endless options for what you can do (thank you internet). With clarity, focused effort, and the right support, you can reinvent yourself at any point. Use these second act careers for inspiration.

Growth isn’t linear. In fact, leaning into exploration and following your intuitive nudges leads to the most fulfilling, purpose-filled lives. It totally has for me.

This is why I love working with my coaching clients who are excited about better understanding themselves, getting clear on what they want, and mapping out a plan to get there together.

I help them refuel along the way and stay on course.

As a result, the drive to what’s next is a much more enjoyable ride.

P.S. Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can support you:

1) [Limited Time Only] If you’re looking for clear direction and want to get FIRED UP about your career again, grab the limited time replay of Career Clarity Launchpad. In 60 min, you'll learn how to get career clarity & immediate action steps to unlock more income, impact, and energy. It expires Sunday 6/23 since there's a special time-sensitive opportunity inside 👀. Grab it here.

2) 1:1 Career Coaching. High achievers who've lost their spark work with me to uncover work that lights them up & navigate big transitions with confidence. Unlock clarity on your path, a compelling personal brand, and a clear roadmap to attract aligned opportunities. If you're craving direction, accountability, and allll the good energy, grab a free Career Strategy Call.

3) Follow me on LinkedIn for daily advice on building your career and life on purpose ✨

P.S. Here's a pic of little me already in the driver's seat :)

Feeling stuck? Ready for something more?

I'm Katy Culver, founder, coach, and startup operator.

I help growth-minded professionals get clarity and pivot to work they love. Join my newsletter to build your career by design and navigate transitions with confidence. Expect big ideas, tactical strategies, and seriously good vibes. You in?

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