12 powerful lessons to build your dream life

!! Warning: Reading may instigate massive personal growth and inspired action !!

What happens when you mix together a group of ambitious women, unlimited food, and perfect beach weather?


This is what happened for me last week.

Let’s back up…

On April 1, I was introduced to Diana YK Chan — she’s a business coach & thought leader in the personal branding, public speaking, and career coaching space.

I wasn’t looking for another coach… she won me over by the end of the week.

On April 15, I flew to Mexico for her 1-week business mastermind & luxury retreat with 6 other female career coach CEOs. A hand-picked group of powerhouse women to learn from.

On April 20, I flew back to New York with a whole new mindset, business direction, offer suite, content strategy, growth ideas, collaboration opportunities, and set of real friendships.

I experienced the magic of the mastermind.

The biggest investment I’ve ever made in myself was worth it 100x over.

What happened there?!
Why were these 5 days so powerful?
What can YOU learn from my experience?
And what changes can you expect from me?

In this newsletter, I include valuable lessons and powerful questions for you to reflect on.

No matter where you are in your professional journey, these will challenge you to grow.

First off — what is a mastermind?

I wasn’t familiar with the term until I read Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich” earlier this year.

A mastermind is a “meeting of the minds” — where individuals with shared goals come together to give and receive advice. As a result, they build fiercely strong bonds and provide support and accountability to one another.

I joined a mastermind during my last career pivot, which was a total gamechanger, but I hadn't seen one quite like this.

This retreat was a unique opportunity to connect with other female entrepreneurs with similar career coaching businesses. I knew the importance of getting in the room with people you want to emulate, so it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.”
— Napoleon Hill

Below are 12 powerful takeaways from the mastermind.

I hope you will learn from my experience, apply these lessons, and take massive action toward your dream life as a result.

Here we go…

1) Be honest about your big vision

The main reason I ended up in the room: I was willing to share my scary-to-admit vision of the impact I want to make in this lifetime.

The more I’ve connected with myself and God, the clearer this vision becomes.

Diana, my new coach, saw this fire within me through our first phone call. She could tell I was yearning to better reflect that fire in my business and how I show up.

On day 1 of the mastermind, each coach was invited to share her business vision and deeper why.

I was nervous at first. I avoided eye contact as I admitted my biggest dreams to the other coaches — all of whom had been building their businesses longer than I have.

I was relieved to hear their overwhelming support. I didn't feel alone. My crazy big goals felt real, possible, and in fact — probable with this type of support and encouragement.

Sharing my vision invited others to expand their own. Some told me it took years to admit to themselves how big they wanted to be. Once we shared our visions, we began to see how we could help one another get there.

Where are you scared to admit your big dreams for your life? Have you shared those with anyone who can help make them real?

It's okay if you're not sure what your big dreams are just yet. Getting clarity is a process. I partner with people like you to get there every single day.

2) Invest in yourself before you can see the result

I quit my full-time job less than 2 months ago, and I’ve carefully tracked my personal and business expenses to ensure I’m making sound financial decisions.

Going to Mexico for a luxury business retreat as a new business owner? Sounds ridiculous.

We’ve all been trained to invest in the stock market since we can remember, but investing big into yourself?!

That’s selfish, stupid, frivolous. You don’t know for sure what the returns will be!

I know investing in myself won’t yield 10% YoY returns like the S&P 500.

It’ll yield 2x, 5x, 10x returns within weeks or months. Imagine compounding on that!

Every piece of information you could ever want to know exists on the internet for free. Why don't you take action on it and apply it to make changes in their life? Because people who pay, pay attention.

Maybe you don’t have the results you want yet because you’re relying on willpower rather than investing in support and accountability.

Invest in yourself before you can see the result. It’s up to YOU to get the value from your investments — why not make it 10x?

3) Seek advice, but make the final call

It’s all too easy to outsource our life decisions.

Business owners: What niche should I focus on? What offer stack should I create?

Professionals: What career path should I take? What role would I be a great fit for?

We look for external validation rather than trusting ourselves.

It was incredibly helpful to hear best practices from 6 and 7-figure business owners. I learned new strategies, ideas, and suggestions.

But at the end of the day, I make the call on what to apply in my business.

I’m the CEO of my business and the author of my own story.

Just as you’re the CEO of your career, writing your life story by the decisions you make every day.

Get advice from people you trust, but remember that it’s your call.

You own your decisions. You’re accountable. You got this!

4) Everything is an experiment

What makes it more palatable to make decisions and take action in your life, business, or career?

Treat everything as an experiment.

Tiffany Uman, one of my fellow mastermind members, has built a 7-figure career coaching business by running experiments, testing new strategies, and getting 1% better with every iteration.

“You either win or you learn.” — Tiffany Uman

As a result of experimentation, she’s created an exceptionally high quality customer experience and complex backend systems to deliver on it. It didn’t happen overnight.

Failure is feedback and feedback is a gift. Test, learn, try again, succeed.

5) Stop overthinking, take messy action

How to start making progress: take messy action.

You cannot perfectly control every variable. Just begin.

You will learn FAR more by doing than thinking about what you will do. I promise (and this is coming from a recovering perfectionist with a knack for overcomplicating what should be simple).

Kendall Berg, career success coach, got 4M views on her first ever TikTok video. She didn’t even have a business yet… within weeks she had her calendar booked out for coaching.

She got started, took messy action to capitalize on the demand, and made more progress in 6 weeks than I did in 6 months of overthinking.

Messy action is my new mantra.

I love it so much I’ve thought about getting it tattooed as a reminder to get out of my own head and get moving (And I don’t even have tattoos — don’t worry, mom).

Where are you overthinking? What is Step 1? Go complete that.

6) Focus on just 3 important things

If you have more than 3 priorities, you may as well have none.

Focus on 3 needle-moving items every Day. Every week. Every month.

Complete those 3 top priority items before moving on to the next. It will get you far further than trying to do it all, right now.

I struggle with this. I always write down 3… and then add 3 more.

Staying focused in the distracting world we live in is a constant battle.

But it’s absolutely critical to making progress on your goals.

Keep the main thing the main thing.

7) Delegate to grow without burning out

The most successful business owners in the group had this in common: they delegate what is outside of their zone of genius.

They didn’t wait to delegate until after they grew. They delegated quickly so they could continue to expand.

Eliana Goldstein, a coach for career pivoters, has built a team of high-performing coaches so she can provide 1:1 coaching to clients while scaling her group program. She is a master of delegation and building process and support for her team members.

And the only way Kendall Berg is able to pull off a full-time executive job, a thriving career coaching business, winning pageants, and so much more is through delegation. She has help on the career, business, and home fronts.

To keep growing in your business or career, you must be willing to delegate. Release your grip and train others on how to do what you do so your role can continue to expand.

My next move: Hire a Virtual Assistant to help me get more leverage from my content!

You don’t need to be a business owner to do this. I started doing so as an employee, pulling in more junior team members and developing them in the process.

Where do you need to delegate? Stop doing what won’t get you to your next level. Then, offload the important items that aren’t in your zone of genius so you can level up.

8) Self-care is not optional

Self-care is not a luxury. It is a requirement to continuing the important work you’re meant to do in this world.

You cannot give to others if your cup is empty. Pour into yourself so you can overflow to others.

We prioritized self-care on this retreat.

Diana Chan's mantra is, "The more time off I take, the more money I make." (I'm kind of obsessed)

Who does it help when you are burned out? No one. It hurts you AND those around you.

What small act of self-care can you prioritize this week? How can you set better boundaries to prioritize this time? How can you make time for more FUN in your life?

9) Authenticity attracts

The frequency of authenticity has been proven to be 4000x more powerful than love.

Gary Brecka, human biologist who’s spent 20 years studying biohacking, popularized the research that backs this up (check out this clip to hear it in his words).

Authenticity results when you’re telling the truth and believe what you say.

My fully authentic self is a combination of high achiever ambition, determination, woo-woo spirituality, positive psychology, humor, play, and adventure. When I show up as my fully authentic self, I become magnetic to others.

This happened at the retreat. I showed up to the mastermind knowing no one. By the end of the week, I had become close friends with all of the other attendees. I showed up as my fully authentic self and so did the other participants.

This allowed us to create connection based on who we truly are. And those bonds run deep.

Where can you show up more authentically in your life and relationships right now?

Being afraid to step into their authentic selves often holds back many of the folks I work with as a coach. Stepping into their authenticity, and powerfully attracting dream opportunities as a result, is one of the most transformational parts of our work on together.

10) Self-confidence and self-worth are not the same

As an entrepreneur building a heart-centered, soul-aligned business, my business success is a direct reflection of what I believe is possible for me and the actions I take to move the needle.

I could work my tail off and NOTHING will result if I don’t believe I’m worthy of success.

I’m a very confident person. I can show up to coach clients, I can lead workshops, I can put my ideas out on the internet for anyone to criticize.

But self-worth runs deeper. Often, it comes from patterns we learn in childhood that must be healed.

When you step way beyond your comfort zone — whether that’s starting a business or transitioning to a new career path — it’s natural to bring up questions of self-worth in addition to confidence.

The most important work you can do in your life: the inner work that allows you to believe you are truly worthy of love, acceptance, and your deepest desires.

11) Self-advocacy is critical to success

If you don’t know how to advocate for yourself, you won’t get very far.

Success in your business and career is about sales — selling yourself and your ideas. You need buy-in from others who can influence decisions and outcomes.

(That sweet combo of self-confidence and self-worth makes this easy)

You cannot wait to get discovered. You must be clear about the value you bring and how you contribute to the success of others.

12) Be f*cking brave

I was absolutely terrified to invest so much in myself at such an early stage of my business, to attend a retreat with a bunch of strangers in another country, to admit my big goals to a room of people more successful than me.

The next time you feel called to:

  • share your big vision
  • invest in yourself
  • make a career decision
  • run a new experiment
  • take messy action
  • get ultra focused
  • delegate something important
  • take a day just for you
  • tap into your authenticity
  • do the inner work
  • advocate for yourself

and it feels scary and uncomfortable?


Everything worth doing is beyond your comfort zone.

You are courageous. You have overcome big obstacles before. You have built resilience!

You can do it again.

Be f*cking brave.

What should you expect from me moving forward?


Especially unapologetically messy action. I’d rather fail as my future self than succeed as my current self. That means taking risks, trying new things, squashing my perfectionist tendencies, stepping into my most authentic self, and believing in the value I have to offer the world.

I hope you’ll join me. Let’s be relentless in pursuit of our dreams together.

To your success,

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